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Nilkamal Pallet Storage System

Pallet Storage System (PSS)


  • Multiplication of storage surface by multi-tier or highbay storage systems.
  • Lower investment costs into real estate and buildings as compared to storage at floor level height.
  • Suited for a high stock rotation frequency.
  • Direct access to all bays (reference lines) = easy and convenient order picking.
  • Fast adaptation to changing reference lines without the need of exchanging your service fleet.

Racking Pallet Storage Systems :

The most popular and economical system for pallet storage. Suitable for any type of pallet size and weight to optimize storage This system can be designed to be serviced with any type of MHE starting from hand pallet trucks at floor level to electric stackers, reach trucks,forklift trucks VNA forklift trucks etc.


  • Cost effective, maximizes available space
  • Suitable for high-bay warehouses with high storage capacity
  • Direct access to all the SKU's, easy stock control
  • Configuration can be easily modified or extended
  • Lower costs by storing bottom level of pellets on floor

Pallet Storage Systems with Decking Panels:

Pellet Storage Systems with Decking Panels facilitates storage of non palletizad items. Ideal for medium to large sized items that can be handled manually lt is a flexible system for managing variety of items. Higher levels can be added by providing catwalks and multi-tier systems.


  • Loading levels can be customised based on height of the SKU stored.
  • Integration possible with suitable material handling equipment for moving material to various levels.
  • Goods Lifts can be added on custom fabricated staircases provided for ease of use.
  • Wide range of accessories available.


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