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Nilkamal Mezzanine Storage Systems



The mezzanine system is the ideal solution for maximum utilization of building height, multiplying the effective surface area available for storage. They are stand-alone structures, easily assembled and adjustable to any space and customer needs. They use a variety of accessories, such as railings, stairs, pallet unloading points, etc. Mezzanines are either rack supported mezzanines with racks making up the ground level or pillar supported mezzanine.


  • Boltless assembly of all basic components
  • Full length frames - no joining plates required
  • Stiffening beams & additional cross bracing provide for a high load capacity & give structural safety to all bays
  • Boltless adjustment of all platforms allows flexible positioning of levels
  • Sale & convenient stairways secured by railing
  • Useful equipment and accessories
  • Galvanised surface finish (Epoxy coating upon request)

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