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Nilkamal Carton Live Storage System

Carton Live Storage System


  • In supply and order picking stores
  • For manual order picking and replenishment
  • For automated replenish-ment
There are three flow platform types available:
  • Straight flow platforms
  • Straight flow platforms with picking tray
  • Cranked flow platforms with picking tray
A higher picking performance with an optimum ergonomic picking curve can be achieved by choosing the flow platform type and configuration that suits you best!

Both installations supply 36 reference lines. In contrast to conventional system, live storage system gives immediate access to all items at the picking face. Each item moves unassisted into the picking position.

Compact storage and the elimi-nation of unnecessary aisles results in a gain in floor space of at least 20%.

Strictly separated working aisles prevent that replenishment inter-feres with order picking which increases staff productivity. Short travel routes reduce order picking times.

Whereas information and picking times remain the same for both solutions, travel times are drastically reduced. This leads to an overall reduction of working time and to an increase in picking performance.

A 66% reduction in travel time results in an overall reduction of 40% of the total order picking time.
General advantages of Carton Live Storage Systems
  • Drastic time savings in order picking
  • Depending on local conditions and work methods, travel time is reduced between 40 - 70%.
  • Storage according to the FIFO-principle Goods stored first are taken out first. Live storage system installations are loaded at the rear, goods are picked at the front. Easy control of sell-by dates.
  • Same storage capacity on a smaller surface . Up to 30% of space can be saved by the elimination of unnecessary aisles.
  • Roller tracks instead of platforms. Goods move unassisted into the picking position. This allows faster picking and quicker handling.
  • Fewer picking mistakes. A compact and clear product presentation increases picking accuracy.
  • Less "lost time" during order picking. Long and straight aisles allow a better overview which results in an improved organisation of work.
  • Increased productivity. Different loading and picking aisles effectively separate staff. This improves staff productivity.

Specific advantages of NBSS Carton Live Storage Systems
  • Boltless system especially developed for live storage applications
  • Two divider types available for lane separation
  • Optimum adaptation to the size of storage units. Roller tracks and dividers can easily be adjusted in 8.5 mm increments. Levels can be repositioned in height in 12.5 mm increments.
  • Three types of rollers:
    1. Cylindrical rollers with plastic axle
    2. Cylindrical rollers with steel axle
    3. Flanged rollers with plastic axle
    4. Cylindrical rollers are also available from conductive material
  • Standardised solutions for conical bins and for plastic bins used in the automobile industry
  • Roller pitch of 28 mm guarantees trouble-free travelling of cartons – even those of poor quality
  • Comprehensive and useful range of accessories
  • Closed sections provide maximum safety
  • Each level can carry up to 1000 kg.
  • Frames with a high load capacity allow to install a pallet buffer stock on top of the levels or to build a multi-tier
  • Smoothly functioning roller tracks

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