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Container Handling Equipment

Container Handling Equipment


Containers are the most transported from of cargo in the world. Our container handling equipment has a lift capacity of 35000 kg and is capable of travelling fully loaded. The driver will have 360? visibility from his seat. Compared to reach stackers, our model is lighter, consumes less energy, and is more economical. It runs on compacted stone, bitumen and light concrete. It has the additional feature of exceptional 3 wheel manoeuvrability circle. The machine is designed to be suitable for narrow aisles to utilise maximum storage capacity.


  • Model: COMBI SC
  • Lift Capacity up to (in kg): 35000


  • 2 wheel hydrostatic drive
  • 2 wheel steer
  • Capable of travelling fully loaded
  • 2 minute off-loading from trailer to ground
  • Excellent 360° visibility from driver position
  • Eliminates trailers waiting to be loaded and unloaded
  • Safer stuffing / De-stuffing at ground level
  • Low ground pressure when fully loaded
  • More economical to run versus reach stackers
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lighter weight versus reach stackers
  • Narrow aisles for maximum storage
  • Rough terrain & ramp friendly
  • Works on compacted stone, bitumen and light concrete
  • Exceptional 3 wheel maneuverability circle

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