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Other Offerings


Whatever the type of load you have, Nilkamal has the right pallet for you...

Nilkamal's pallets are developed in close association with user industry and technological advances in material handling & storage systems. They are proven as viable replacement to conventional pallets. They not only meet environmental and economical considerations but also contribute in improving storage system, product distribution efficiency, product protection and enhanced human safety.

Special Features:

  • Consistent in shape & dimensions.
  • Light-weight yet strong & durable.
  • Prevent microbiological growth  does not absorb water or liquids.
  • Performance does not degrade by commonly used chemical, solvents and cleaning agents.
  • Anti-slip surface prevent slippage of the load in handling and on racks
  • Easy to clean and handle.

Important information:

  • All specifications are subject to change without notice and are approximate.
  • Pallet load capacity is linked to your product bulk density, package dimensions, layout, MHE & rack design.
  • The date on pallet load capacity is indicative and based on UDL (uniformly Distributed Load).
  • Rackining load stand on the capacity of the pallet rested on length direction.
  • It is advisable to use and test the sample for all the requirements.
  • We can supply RFID embedded pallets based on customer's requirements.
  • All your requirements of M.H.E. (Material Handling, Lifting Equipments and Storage Rack Systems are now available with Nilkamal)

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