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Nilkamal Pharmaceutical Crates

Pharmaceutical Crates


The pharmaceutical industry is rather special as its products impact the human life directly. As specialists in material handling and serving all sectors of manufacturing and logistics, Nilkamal understands the needs of the pharma industry perfectly. Our range of products for the pharmaceuticals industry is a selective mix either manufactured exclusively for the pharma industry or adapted to its special needs. Be it autoclavable crates or special crates for tablet punch and dies, or HACCP compliant roto moulded pallets, or SS304 grade stainless steel products for the GMP clean rooms, insulated boxes for short hauls for temperarture sensitive medicines or storage systems for finished goods or emission free Material Handling Equipments - Nilkamal has it all.

Nilkamal also brings the Automated storage and retrieval systems - be it the AS / RS for the ?nished goods or the computerised access controlled German made Hanel Rotomat for formulations and records, we have it all. To top it all, Nilkamal has a truly PAN India manufacturing and marketing I distribution.

With eight massive ISO 9001:2008 certi?ed factories across the four corner of the country servicing over 50 Regional offices backed by warehousing facilities across India, Nilkamal is always close to you and capable of meeting JIT needs. We invite you to browse through this brochure to see the range of special products for the pharmaceutical industry.


Nilkamal Autoclavable crates are made from special plastic in different sizes for storage & handling of Ampules / Vials for Parenterals. The 4th open side of the crate along with a tapered front, bottom lip with a slide removable ?ap enables manual crate loaders to simply slide vials into the crate without lifting. It also facilitate easy loading & unloading since the operator can slide vials into the in-feed of the packaging line in just a few seconds.

Parameters :
  • It n withstand the temperature upto 121°c.
  • Autoclaving cycle : 15-45 minutes
  • Pressure : 15 PSI steam.

Advantages :
  • The crates are stackable
  • Economical v/s S.S. trays
  • Excellent dimensional consistency for machine integration & robotic applications
  • Excellent load carrying capacity without distortion
  • Tapered front lid for easy loading & unloading
  • Can be easily cleaned & sanitized with no cracks or crevices
  • Provides a secure grip for easy lifting without sharp edges


Special plastic hi-tech Tablet crates with lid are used for intemal storage of tablets, capsules, powder, granules etc. The Tablet crates are stackable one above another, can be easily rried on a trolley and can be moved anywhere in the plant. It is also found useful and convenient for usage in the packing department.

  • Built in grip for easy handling
  • Stronger body, lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Very easy to clean (Body without ribs)
  • Multipurpose usage in Tablet division
  • Different Colour lid for easy identification of crate
  • Label holder Provision

Abbreviations :
  • CC : Complete Closed
  • LHS : Label Holder Slot
  • LH : Label Holder
  • 0.D. : Outside Dimensions
  • l.D. : Inside Dimensions

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