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Nilkamal Horticulture Crates



Nilkamal crates changed the way farm produce was stored and transported. Earlier, haphazard storage and packing would damage the produce in transport, causing severe losses to the grower. Scientifically designed Nilkamal crates changed all that. Now Indian farmers and fruit growers could pack more yet protect themselves from damages during storage and in transit. Being re-usable, they saved money otherwise spent on wooden crates which were damaged in transport and had to be discarded. Wooden crates were also unsafe as they had nails in them plus could carry fungal infections that could damage the fruits. Nilkamal crates are made from food grade High Density Polyethylene in ISO 9001 : 2008 factories and are washable, stable to normal temperature variations and safe to handle and transport fruits and vegetables.

Nilkamal, The Farmer's Friend now offers a wider range of products. Besides a wide range of product specific crates for specialized handling of agro products, Nilkamal now also extends its expertise in the field of material handling to the business that is central to the Indian economy : agro products. For movement of in-process and finished agro products, Nilkamal offers a variety of plastic pallets. emission free material handling equipments. Storage systems, and insulated boxes for transportation of temperature sensitive perishables. The total package from Nilkamal, for the progressive agriculturist of 21st Century India.

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