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Nilkamal Fisheries Crates



With modernization, Fishing has bloomed into a growth segment. With the right support, fishing can realize its true profit potential. For Indian fisher folk, Nilkamal brings the best in handling and storage to the fishing industry, so that fishermen can really benefit from their efforts. The first stage of the correct handling begins at the wharf itself where fish are packed into Nilkamal crates. Easy to clean and rust free, Nilkamal crates are easy to handle and are useful in grading, weighing and of course ideal for transportation also.

  • Made from hygienic food-grade HDPE material, ideal for handling bulk / food products.
  • Light-weight, easy-to wash and clean, rust-free and 100% maintenance-free.
  • High volumne, high capacity size.
  • Ideal for storing and transportation in bulk & heavy duty applications.

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