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Ingredient Bins and Camcrisper


Ingredient bins and camcrisper are made to store and access the ingredients at the ease. The corners of these bins are rounded to allow easy storage and negate the possibility of damage to the user. Ingredient bins and camcrispers are accompanied with four wheels at the base that enables easy movement as they are generally heavy and can’t be lifted. They have attached lids which prevent the ingredients from any exposure to any pests, bacteria or moisture. They also have a hook at the opening to hang the Camwear polycarbonate scoops.

Product Code Dimensions (in cm) Capacity Case Pack
IBS20 33 x 75 x 71 cm 81 L 1
IBS27 42 x 75 x 71 cm 102 L 1
IBS37 55 x 75 x 71 cm 140 L 1

Color : White

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