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H-Pans Gastronorm Food Pans


H-pans gastronorm food pans are made to serve multiple purposes with one single pan. The pan is made with a material that is friendly with prep, cooler, steam table as well as an oven. H-pans are designed according to the gastronorm GN specifications. They are different from metal pans as they are safe for heating as well as holding applications. They are ideal for heated carts, steam tables and chafing dishes.

Gastronorm Product Code Depth Capacity Case Pack
GN 1/1, 32.5 x 53 cm 12HPH 6.5 cm 8.42 L 6
GN 2/4, 16.2 x 53 cm 22LPHP 6.5 cm 3 L 6
  24LPHP 10 cm 5 L 6
  20LPHPD   Drain Shelf 6
GN 1/2, 26.5 x 32.5 cm     Drain Shelf 6

Colors : Amber, Black

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